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  Magnum Ultra-Lightweight Shafts - Dozen

Price $144.99

30/50 Shafts:

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The "Magnum Ultra-Lightweight" 30-50lb shafts were developed using superior carbon technology specifically for the perfect those who shoot a lighter 30-50lb draw weight. This ultra-lightweight shaft offers superior performance in both indoor and 3-d competition. If your looking to hit smaller X's or more 12 rings this is your shaft. This ultra-lightweight shaft is available in the tightest .001 straightness tolerance.

***Magnum Shafts DO NOT come with nocks or bushings***

***Hot Melt is NOT recommended for use with Black Eagle Arrow Shafts***
Required - Bushings, Nocks, Points, and Vanes
Don't forget extra components.

Not sure what size is right for you. Check out our sizing chart.

This 30-50lb ultra-lightweight shaft was designed to be shot from bows with a draw weight between 30-50lb. Do not exceed 50lb draw weight limit as it may damage the shaft and cause serious injury to you or others around you. Always inspect each shaft before each shot. Do not shoot damaged shafts.

•Straightness: ± 0.001" max.
•Weight tolerance: ± .5 grains
Spine Straightness Inner Diameter Outer Diameter GPI
30-50lb .001 .386" .412" 6.9

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