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Magnum Arrows: Target Archery Arrows

For those who take archery seriously and are looking for the best competition arrows, look no further. We’ve developed the tightest tolerance max-diameter shaft with the Magnum arrow, giving you superior performance no matter where you are shooting. Combat wind drift with the thin design to hit your target every time.

Our archery carbon arrows include 32-inch shafts that feature great spine-to-weight ratios for both indoor and 3D competitions. Hit your target shot after shot with these arrows that were made to leave the competition in the dust. For the competitor looking for the best bow arrows to bring home the prize, the Magnum arrows are what you’re looking for!

All of our Magnum components are sold separately, allowing you to fully customize your arrows.

To see what spine is best for you click here. (Arrow Spine Chart) For Arrow Safety Click here. (Arrow Safety)

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Magnum 27 series Carbon Shafts by Black Eagle Arrows
Magnum Shafts
Price per Dozen $70.00